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Cardinal is a modular, “mobile-first” CSS framework built with performance and scalability in mind.

The purpose of this framework is to make it easier for front-end web developers to prototype, build, scale, and maintain CSS for responsive websites, user interfaces, and applications. Cardinal omits many aesthetic design decisions that often bog down other CSS frameworks (which are often UI toolkits, not frameworks ), leaving the design and creativity up to you.

The fastest way to get up-and-running with Cardinal is by using a package manager, like so:


To install Cardinal with Sàpopa Woman Meshpaneled Marled Stretchjersey Sports Bra Gray Size M Sàpopa 100% Original Online Discount Geniue Stockist Release Dates Authentic mOQVQOF
, run the following command(s) from your terminal:


To install Cardinal with , run the following command(s) from your terminal:

Direct Download

If you do not want to use a package manager to integrate Cardinal into your project, you can also download it directly:

Build from Source

To do so, you need to already have Node.js and npm installed on your machine. Cardinal uses Gulp to build and watch the CSS files.

Download the Zip

You can also download the file and proceed however you wish. Include the minified CSS file in the of your project, or modify the LESS files directly (not recommended, since it will be difficult to update to future versions). It’s your world!

Download the zip

Including Partials

The easiest way to include Cardinal in your project is to include the entire thing before your project files, like so:

However, you don’t have to use the entire Cardinal framework. The only required partials are located in the directory:

Beyond that, you can use whatever grid system, components, and utilities you would like. The directory just sets some good base styles for the framework.

Modifying Variables

After getting started and including Cardinal, you will probably want to begin customizing it to suit your project. Cardinal has a bunch of LESS variables located in the file that can be tweaked to your needs. >These variables should not be edited directly. The recommended way to make changes to Cardinal LESS variables is to create your own project-specific variables file (e.g. ), and override the default variables in this file, like so:

This file should be included in your main LESS file after you’ve included Cardinal.

There is a file included in each major directory of this project that further details the code located in those directories.

Cardinal supports most modern browsers:

Cardinal is licensed under the MIT Open Source license. For more information, see the LICENSE.md file in this repository.

Cardinal is a project by Huxley Top Himalayan floral Tularosa Sale Genuine INT96vPhqT
. Its principles and techniques are very influenced by the following projects, organizations, and individuals:


She then recommends following this with a backlink profile analysis:

Next, what I will usually do is sort site’s links by looking at one link from each domain and then clicking on “dofollow”:

(Note: The word “dofollow” is a bit of a misnomer. “Nofollowed” is a thing, but “dofollow” is really just a regular link.)

I’ll then export this list and upload it to a tool that I created that checks the links against my blacklist. My blacklist is a personal list that I have created over years of auditing hundreds of thousands of links. I have had many requests from people who would like me to add their own disavow decisions to this list. But, I have found that I don’t trust anyone else’s decisions on disavowing. As such, this blacklist contains domains that I have visited where I know I would almost always want to disavow them.

If you want to check a domain against my blacklist, you can do so . I do also have a tool that is a paid tool that allows you to upload the full list of linking URLs or domains for a site and see which of these are on my blacklist . I upload the links from Ahrefs Site Explorer into this tool and usually can get a good sense as to how serious the link problem is for a site.

If I decide to do a full link audit for a site, then I have another proprietary tool that I programmed in which I upload links from several sources including Ahrefs, GSC , Moz and Majestic and it creates a spreadsheet for me to use for auditing. The spreadsheet shows which of these are on my blacklist, which I can ignore, which are already disavowed and much more.

I should note, however, that I don’t do nearly as many link audits as I used to do in the past. Now that Penguin ignores links, if you disavow, you’re asking Google to ignore links that they are already ignoring. But, I do believe that there are other algorithms that could demote a site that has a large number of unnatural links.

I will occasionally see a situation like this in which we disavow and then see organic traffic gains. For this site, we disavowed over 1500 domains from which the company had made links for SEO purposes:

It’s possible that the disavow was the cause of this organic traffic gain as it wasn’t a seasonal gain. But, we also were working on other quality issues too, so it’s hard to prove.

I’m with Marie on this one—when looking at your backlink report in Ahrefs, set a filter to “dofollow,” open the pages that link to your website, and estimate them visually.

Websites created for the sake of linking-out are usually easily noticeable. Content on their pages won’t make much sense, images will be a total mess and they will barely rank for at least a few keywords on Google.

Editor’s note

We recently added “Traffic” and “Keywords” columns to our Backlinks report to give you better insights on the linking pages.

But remember: Low Domain Rating and poor organic traffic do not always indicate a website’s low quality.

It could be that the website is new, and it may grow into a strong one over time.

But when a linking website has low DR , ugly design and UI , low-quality content, and no organic traffic, thisshould raise flags.

If you’re not happy with the quality of the linking page or you know that the link is not natural, add it to a disavow list in Ahrefs.

You can easily export this list and upload it to Google’s Disavow Links Tool .

Joshua Hardwick
Head of Content

To lift a penalty from your website, you must take actions to rectify the problems specified in GSC Manual Actions message(s).

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